Harvard Medical School continuing medical education conference on Mindfulness Meditation
Title: Working With Physically Ill Patients

One of the best speakers of the program — would have loved to spend more time with her

This was a great presentation, and I really enjoyed it.   It was a different perspective and very interesting, and a unique part of the overall conference – nice!

Excellent speaker; excellent presentation.

Another excellent presenter with very helpful information.  Great stories with both depth and humor.  Thank you!


Very engaging

Easy and enjoyable to listen to. Good patient examples.

Alice has a wonderful way of presenting.  much important information thanks

Alice Domar presents in such a lively manner and gave examples that brought to life her approach with patients.

Good speaker, personal.  I would want to hear more, just a beginning

Excellent speaker & excellent content.

Wise and wonderful – and funny!

The presenter was clearly impassioned about the work she does. She works with a specialized population and the relevance was quite clear to the subject.

Interesting topic and engaging speaker

Excellent presenter.

A very engaging speaker who presented her material in an engaging way.

This was a great presentation. It was a good connection with the audience.

There were very helpful concepts in using mindfulness in working with people with somatic disorders.

Very personal, enjoyed the anecdotes

Dr. Domar was a delight to listen to and obviously very knowledgeable about her subject matter.

WOW,  she talks fast, but was so REAL!

Wish she had more time.  Would have loved a q and a with her.  Bring her back!

Charming and an excellent speaker.

Humor is so helpful

Loved the spontaneity of her talk.

Fantastic – could have listened to her all day.

Another amazing speaker.  I was familiar with her books, but had never heard her speak.  What a fantastic contribution to the conference.

Excellent presentation.

Very personable, very candid.  Excellent insights into patients who struggle with illness

Lively, powerful, thanks.

Alice Domar does important work and talks about it with power AND humility. I feel lucky to have learned about her.

What a fabulous teacher.Would love to see her again!

Fun and knowledgeable speaker.

She was superb! Great presenter and great content.  She is superior and someone I’d want to see in a hospital setting!!! She is very smart and very funny, a perfect combo!

Delightful and engaging presenter

Loved her honesty

I appreciated that Domar was so transparent; she had an endearing delivery.

Excellent presentation.

Also excellent. Great humor in this presentation also. Very nice style and balance of information and story.

Would have loved more time with her as well!

Alice was the most dynamic speaker of the conference. I would love to see her recruited for an entire day’s worth of content.

I loved your relaxed, conversational style. It helped me to be very attentive to your every word.

Very engaging speaker.

Would love to hear more of this.  Very enjoyable presenter.


FICP Annual Meeting:
Title:  Stress Management 101
On a 1 to 5 scale:

I obtained information and ideas that will be useful in my work: 4.87
Presenter demonstrated subject matter expertise:  4.95
Presenter engaged the audience:  4.95


  • Loved her!!!!
  • Fabulous session, very engaging
  • Session was excellent!
  • Best speaker I have seen for a long time – would have liked more than one session
  • Dr Domar was extraordinary!
  • Wish I could purchase her book on site.
  • Great stress relief & relaxation tips were shared. Could easily have listened to the presenter much longer. She had some great examples she shared – impact full & relevant.
  • Fantastic breakout.
  • Amazing content value and life strategies



“Ali Domar was fabulous.  She struck a cord with every woman in the room.  She was practical in her advice, serious when she needed to be and oh so very funny!  I loved it.”

Attendees at a breast cancer survivors conference:

“Ali Domar was excellent– the reason worth coming”

“Dr. Domar’s speech was the best part of the day”

“Ali Domar was excellent! Please keep bringing her back.”

“I really enjoyed Ali Domar’s talk – I wish she would have had more time”

“Dr Domar’s presentation was uplifting”

“Ali Domar was excellent. I couldn’t stay all day but she was worth coming out this early morning”

Attendees from a PepsiCo day-long leadership summit rated Dr. Domar as the Summit’s top speaker by 89% of the participants:

“I need to take a step back to remember what I love, what makes me happy and then incorporate it into my life”

“I should treat myself like I’d treat my best friend.”

“I feel empowered and energized to take control of my well-being”

“It’s okay to take time for me!”

U of Connecticut Women’s health event attendees:

“Well organized, inspirational speaker!”

“Loved it!!”

“‘Real’ advice from a ‘real’ woman”

“Dr. Domar was excellent”

“Excellent, humorous speaker”

“Superior presentation with honesty and humor”

“Educational and energetic program”

“Excellent choice of topic and speaker.”

“Very valuable presentation”

Emerson Hospital medical education attendees:

“Excellent, wonderful presentation”

“Good personal experience shared”

“Nice talk, well presented”

“Very informative, excellent”

Mass Psychological Association workshop attendees

“She was great!”

“Informal and stimulating-well informed and honest”

“Extremely knowledgeable presenter!”

“Great topic/great presenter-more presentations like this would be great!”


National Governors Association-Spouses Program

“Extremely helpful tips for managing stress in our daily lives”

“Your facilitation was excellent”

“Your discussion on mind/body health and stress management was a perfect lead-in to our next session”

Fort Nelson Women’s Weekend attendees:

“The keynote speaker-she was fabulous. Good choice.”

“The talk was excellent”

“Keynote speaker terrific”

“Wonderful, very easy to listen to”

“Loved her”

“Excellent presentation, very relevant and really reinforced the importance of self care”

“I really liked her-great sense of humor and message; she was great”

“Been to all, so far the best”

“She was great but would have loved to hear more”

“Amazing, topic was excellent”