Inspirational Speaking Topics

Dr. Domar can give Keynotes, Half Day/Full Day/ or 2 Day Conferences. She can also tailor events for your needs. Please call for fees and full list of topics available.

The Mind/Body Connection:

  • Discussion on the dual relationship of the mind and body, how the mind impacts our health and how our bodies can impact our moods.  Review of the efficacy of various stress-management approaches.

The Impact of Stress on Our Bodies and Minds:

  • Current research on the impact of stress on our physical, emotional, and behavioral health. The consequences, both short and long term, of chronic stress, on our bodies

Work/Life Balance:

  • The role that perfectionism plays in the work and home environment, how to learn how to prioritize demands placed on us, how to integrate stress reducing strategies in both environments

Live a Little – What the Research Really Says About Living a Healthy Life:

  • A review of the research on the impact of various lifestyle behaviors on our health, now to live life more joyfully while maintaining behaviors which will not negatively impact health

How to Take the Hell Out of Healthy:

  • Concrete tips on how to integrate healthful lifestyle habits into a busy life without deprivation.

Stress Management 101:

  • Hands on instruction on the nine research-documented approaches to stress management, including experiential instruction

Women and Stress:

  • Review why women report more daily stress than men, the barriers to practicing stress management techniques, and specific skills training for women to lower their level of distress.

How to Live a Regret Free Life

  • We make decisions on a daily basis, small and large, and the potential to make a decision which we later regret is a common concern. Participants will learn how to accept past decisions with greater self-compassion, and learn how to make decisions for the future which lead to improved mental and physical health. Decision topics include health, family, work/career, friendships, lifestyle, and home.

Preventing Burnout

  • Burnout is becoming epidemic in numerous professions, including medicine, law enforcement, and teaching. The focus of the workshop is not only on recognizing and treating common symptoms of burnout, but also to acquire specific skills to prevent its development.