Finding Calm for the Expectant Mom

About the Book

This invaluable resource shows moms-to-be how to manage stress during pregnancy.

Pregnancy is exciting and exhilarating, but it can also be physically and psychologically demanding. The myth, perpetuated by social media, says that you should be “glowing,” but in reality, you may be anxious and find yourself on an emotional roller coaster. And that is okay. Feeling stressed and moody are very normal reactions to the changes your body is going through, the thoughts you might have about how your pregnancy will impact your career and relationships, and the social pressure to have a perfect pregnancy. High levels of stress and anxiety are not good for you or your baby, but there are ways to cope with and counteract these feelings, put them in perspective, and bring peace to your pregnancy. It is indeed possible to learn new skills that will enable you to glow and thrive.

In addition to featuring fun quizzes, stories of women with whom Dr. Alice Domar has worked, and information, advice, and encouragement, Finding Calm for the Expectant Mom includes mind-body techniques that can relieve stress, anxiety, and moodiness. With the tools and problem-solving approach presented here, you can adjust your expectations, restructure negative thought patterns, cultivate resilience, and not only meet the challenges of pregnancy, but happily anticipate the most amazing experience of your life: becoming a mother.


“Essential reading for all pregnant women who are anxious about labor and birth. And that’s the vast majority in today’s fear-based medical environment.”
—Dr. Christiane Northrup, New York Times bestselling author of Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom

“An essential book for all pregnant women. Finding Calm for the Expectant Mom provides indispensable tools that women can use to find balance and joy throughout their pregnancy, rather than the often unexpected reality of anxiety, fatigue, and lethargy.”
—Jodi A. Mindell, Ph.D., author of Sleeping Through the Night: How Infants, Toddlers, and Their Parents Can Get a Good Night’s Sleep and associate director of the Sleep Center at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia

“Every expectant mother wonders what is normal, what to do with the mood swings and the never ending things to watch out for. In short order what should be one of the great experiences in life can be filled with stress. But there is no reason to worry because Dr. Domar is with you every step of the way. Just hearing her say, ‘stop, breathe, reflect, and choose’ lets you know that Finding Calm for the Expectant Mom is going to be a great companion.”
—Nancy L Snyderman, MD, FACS, consulting professor of global health at Stanford University

“While there is a lot of information out there on how expectant moms can stay physically healthy, this invaluable book helps women navigate the many emotional stresses of pregnancy. Dr. Domar has an innovative approach; she reassures, normalizes, and comforts with compassion and plenty of practical, research-based remedies for dealing with pregnancy-related anxiety. I just wish this book had been written when I was having my babies!! This is a must-read for every expectant mom!”
—Miriam E. Nelson, Ph.D., author of Strong Women Stay Young and director of the Sustainability Institute at the University of New Hampshire

Where to Find the Book

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